Amish Country

The heart of Geauga County, Ohio

Amish Country in ChardonOur store is located in Geauga County, Ohio, home to the nation’s 4th largest Amish settlement. The Amish are easy to spot. Their family transportation is still the black horse drawn buggy. Instead of tractors they work their fields with teams of draft horses. Their carefully maintained homes line many of the country roads in Middlefield and Burton. Amish schools dot the rural landscape as do numerous Amish owned businesses. When visiting our store ask for a free Geauga County map and a free Geauga County Tourism Guide. This guide contains a self-guided Amish back-roads tour which will take you to several popular locations including our cheese factories, Amish businesses, furniture stores, and bakeries. All of our employees are Geauga County residents and are very familiar with the Amish culture. Please note that, just like White House Chocolates, Amish businesses are closed on Sundays.